Sell Synthetic Vitamin-E Oil(96%,98%)

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(acidity value) < 1 expressed in % of free oleic acid, ,
(colour) yellow-clear brown, ,
(odour) herbaceous-soft, ,
(appearance) viscous liquid oil, ,
(solubility) in vegetable oils, fats and organic solvents, ,
(heavy metals) 10 ppm maximum, ,
(total ve) >50%, ,
(&B+&C+&D) >80%, ,
(packing) 5/20kg aluminium drums.
natural vitamin e in accordance with the alpha-tocopherol concentrate standard of
usa food chemistry code (fcc) , edition iv in 1996 while synthetic vitamin e the
standard of bp93 and usp23. We have sold our vitamin e into american market southeast
asia and european market.