Sell Syringe Pump PP-S13 PP-S14

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Syringe Pump PP-S13 PP-S14

Body weight mode (PP-S14 only)
Occlusion pressure selected
Automatically release pressure after occlusion alarm
Automatically recognize syringe size
Preset volume infused
Total volume indicator
Fast-injection control
Lock the fast key when infusing
Lock the flow rate setting keys when infusing
Regulating flow rate conveniently
Audio and video alarms
AC and DC indicator
RS232 port
Warn of misoperation


Flow rate: 0.1ml/h~1200ml/h (0.1ml/h increments, 1ml/h increments when rate is
over 1000ml/h) 50ml syringe
0.1ml/h~600ml/h (0.1ml/h increments) 30ml syringe
0.1ml/h~399.9ml/h(0.1ml/h increments) 20ml syringe

Bolus rate: 1200ml/h( 50ml syringe)
600ml/h( 30ml syringe)
399ml/h( 20ml syringe)

Occlusion pressure: 4N,6N

Volumetric accuracy: 2%(drive accuracy 1%)

Total volume: 9999ml

Limited volume: 9999ml

Alarm: Nearly empty, Empty, Syringe misplaced or removed, Malfunction, Forget to
operate after power on, Occlusion, Infusion volume equal to preset volume, Battery
near finished, Battery finished, AC power failure.

Power: AC220V 22V, 50Hz 1Hz
Internal battery 12V 1600mAh Nickel-hydrogen;
Internal battery can work at least 4 hours at the rate of 5ml/h after charged for 16 hours
(refer to IEC60601-2-24) .

Operation condition:

a) Temperature: -5~+40
b) Humidity:30-80%

Transport and store condition:

a) Temperature:-40~55
b) Humidity: 95%

Dimension: 307(L) *135(D) *128(H) mm
Net weight: 2.1Kg(including internal battery and IV clamp; )

Syringe size: 20ml\30ml and 50ml
Syringe type: Total 13disposable syringe brands can be used.

Following is for PP-S14 only:
Range of body weight mode
Dose rate 0.01~99.99ug/kg/min(0.01ug/kg/min increments)
0. 01~99.99ug/kg/h(0.01mg/kg/h increments)

Body weight: 0.1~300.0kg(0.1kg increments)
Drug: 0.1~999.9mg(0.1mg increments)
Solution: 0.1~999.9ml(0.1ml increments)
Brand Name
PP-S13 PP-S14
Condition of Goods
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
T/T in advance