Sell T&H Silica gel Dispenser

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T&H Silica gel Dispenser


Dispense time: 0.01-31sec
Material glue barrel: High strong AL Alloy
Repetitive Accurate:0.05Sec
work speed: 100times/minute
work Air pressure:0.1-0.7 Kgf/cm2
Input Voltage: AC220V-230V 50Hz

Applicable rang:
Silica gel and glass etc 300CC strip shape glue
Main Feature:
* The barrel of glue use import aluminum alloy manufacture, Anode carburizing, Facile durable.
* Is suitable the silica gel/glass 300CC strip shape glue.
* Uses the digital circuit control the dispensing quantity, by guarantees the drip precision.
* uses the high accuracy solenoid valve, guaranteed dispensing stably even.
* Manual Dosing function, steps on the foot pedal switch will continuum dispensing glue.
* Automatic timer function, If fixed the time will get fixed dispensing quantity, Adjust the dispensing time from panel.
* This dispenser is portable and only requires a small installation space. Have ring switch and foot pedal switch to select.
The installment connection Puts adapter tube insertion glue tank in, the other adapter tube with end of glue tank Connects air outlet of the dispensing quantity controller, Adjustment dispensing quantity controller board, The installment namely completes.
Operation Explanation
[Hand operation]
Open electric source switch, Adjusts the suitable Air pressure from tank and Pressure regulator with panel, time switch moves to "MAN", steps on foot pedal switch, the fluid material from AB gun to out , then to testing the proportion and quantity, if right to connect the mix tube . if no right you can adjusts Screws middle of gun.
Open electric source switch, Adjusts the suitable Air pressure from pressure regulator with panel, time switch moves to "AUTO" adjusts the Timer. When use, steps on foot pedal switch, The fluid material from mix tube out. The quantity as the timer to confirm. .
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