Sell T&H high precision dispensing robot

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T&H high precision dispensing robot
Product features
 Fully integrated positioning and dispensing function, easy programming with rocker .
 the right deposit in the right place -every time. they gain a competitive advantage through higher productivity, improved quality, and lower production costs
 Repeatability:+/- 0.005mm/axis, resolution: 0.002mm/Axis
 Maximum feed speed:500mm/sec. (X-and Y-axis)
 Maximum load capacity:7kg at head section and 30kg at table section or 300x300mm
 The programming of edit adopt international advance of CCD image location , eliminate the man with eye vision tolerance, to insure coating path position precision. By CCD to clear see the very small product, same can see path drawing on the LCD.

Items: TH-2004C
XYZ Robot Working Area/mm: 300/300/100
Load Worktable/Tool:X/Y:1-30kg Z:1-5kg
Speed XY&Z:X/Y:500mm/sec Z:250mm/sec
Repeatability:+/- 0.005mm/axis
Computer:LENOVO made
Display:12"-14"LCD display screen
operation systems: WINDOWS XP systems PC(computer) , T&H robot control software
operation language (Chinese/traditional Chinese/English)
Edit programs:Rocker and mouse
Imaging CCD visual imaging systems /Electric "+"target confirm place
Data Memory:No limit save programming file.
Data Storage:250GHD
Control card:T&H 3 axis run control card , IO card, Data adapter card
Drive System/Stepping Motor 4-Phase Japan PANASONIC AC servo motor.
Transmission:X-Y-Z axis THK/ABBA precision linear slides/ball screw
Protection device:X-Y-Z axis OMRON photoelectric limit protection device.
Motion Control:Handheld or mouse teaching edit program/Directly input DXF document or G code documents.
Interpolation Linear/Circular/3D complex line::3 Axis and 3 linkages.
I/O:16 Inputs/16Outputs
Power supply:AC 220V 50Hz stage
Work temperature:Temperature:0-40
Relative Humidity: 20-90% condensation
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm:570 x 4700 x 650
Body material:Industrial AL material/metal plate
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
570 x 700 x 650mm
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
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Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage
one years