Sell T&H xyz dispensing robots

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basic configuration

Product Feature
l  In 3D space for point, line and irregular shape of dispensing/coating/sealing glue.
l  Computer synchronization control arm moving and work with dispensing glue, dispensing uniform
l  Advanced international CCD camera technology to auxiliary programming, positioning precision, and visual fast.
l  control system can directly call CAD or G-code converting to dispensing tracking path
l  Unlimited number of files stored procedures, called convenience
l  Software used man-machine interface dialogue window, convenient operation
l  Have work records for the production statistics
l  Vacuum suction to lock the glue, lampworking, no dispensing
l  We can be based on customer demand for design characteristics of mouth nozzle, large-capacity storage tank and other special accessories

Single (TH-2004AE1) Two compnent(TH-2004AE2) High Viscosity TH-2004AE3) solid (TH-2004AE4)
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