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TShirts, Sweatshirts, Polo Neck, Piquet Polo, Hooded, Printed, Embroidered available in a multitude of sizes, colours and weights. Can be quoted as per your specifications or modified to meet your pocket.

Construction & Cost

A T Shirt fabric is constructed by knitting from various types yarn, of different counts and quality which is dyed and then sewn together. The ribs make up the neck and sleeves and the basic T shirt may be short sleeved or long sleeved, may be printed, striped or have embroidery or a combination of all three. The labels, type of yarn, count, quality and type of ribs will all contribute to the cost as well the cost of printing and embroidery. Packing also can add to the cost slightly. Each T Shirt can be individually packed or as per buyer's instructions. The type of packing varies.


Colours must be exact. Even black or white can come in different shades and tones and therefore the pantone colour is required. Where the buyer unable to provide the pantone number we will determine what it is for them and will seek approval. Dyes can vary, too. Some dyes stain when washed and there are many different processes to prevent this from happening. Dyes come in different qualities and the different processes add to the cost.

GSM Requirements

The GSM is basically the gramme weight per metre squared. Different counts of yarn of different qualities can be used to make up the GSM. So this may be a means of reducing the cost, but the finished product will vary depending on what type of yarn has been used. So it is

Quality of Yarn

Even the same type and count of a yarn of the same fibre can vary in quality. Even when providing specific details, the yarn produced by different manufacturers have varying degrees of defects and therefore it is a good idea to approve the yarn before the fabric is made. We at CCI are able to determine before hand from a sample of the desired product exactly which type of yarn will be required and what type of quality is necessary.
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