Sell T shirts etc made to order

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Your Own Design made to your own requirements.
Any article of clothing or Household material made to your own design by skilled craftsmen using the most modern equipment in the industry

Product Feature
You simply send a sample of the shirt, skirt, sweater, sheet, bedspread, towel, T-Shirt etc. etc. - we make you a counter sample and if it is to your liking we make your order and deliver it.

Product Specification/Models
Finest craftmanship - quickest service - best materials

Fashion-wear, casual-wear, Household Bathroom Kitchen or Bedroom

Other Information
Goods are made in the factory in Pakistan or Bangladesh - our most recent promotion was for 20,000 huge beach towels. The image shows a bedsheet made for a VERY well known London store.


We deal with many well known department stores and companies that require promotional gifts - all we ned is a sample of what you want to produce.

Product Description
Stock Lots of various apparel - T-Shirts, Skirts, Jeans, Towels, Designer Clothes

Product Feature
Direct from either our warehouses in Brussels or Antwerp or from the Factories in Bangladesh or Pakistan

Product Specification/Models
GAP, Armani, Lee Cooper, ANF, Old Navy, American Eagle, Docker and many more
Men's Women's and Children's casual wear

Other Information
We deal mainly in stock lots sale and purchase
but ANY garment can be produced from a single sample sent to us.