Sell T5 LED tube

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* Voltage: AC 100-240
* Length: 300mm
* LED type: smd 3528
* Power: 72pcs 4W
* color: cool white
* Luminosity: 250-300lm
* Operation temperature: -30C - +45C
* Storage temperature: -40C - +80C
* Life: 50000 hours

Unlike most fluorescent light bulbs, LED bulbs contain no mercury. Disposal of products containing mercury will become more difficult and expensive as businesses are required to meet new and increasingly stringent environmental regulations. LED light bulbs are much more energy efficient than most halogen bulbs and other incandescent light sources.

* Extremely long life, ultra reliable
* Very low power consumption
* Produce no UV

When viewing solid state (Light Emitting Diode) lighting as an alternative, it is important to consider the total system benefits. For example, due to the decrease in heat energy released in lighting of a building, air handling costs are reduced. The maintenance costs of having to regularly replace light bulbs are massively reduced.
The most efficient Light Emitting Diode products only generate light in the visible spectrum. There are no ultraviolet rays or infrared radiation contained in the light beams of these products. Eliminating these wavelengths from the spectrum generates a cool light beam that will not degrade illuminated objects, with a light source that is safe to touch.
Light Emitting Diode light sources much longer than any other light sources. More than 15 Years in most typical lighting applications. These solid state LED bulbs have no moving parts, no fragile glass shells, no mercury, no toxic gasses, and no delicate filament. Unlike conventional light bulbs, LED bulbs are not subject to sudden failure or burnout.

There is no point in time at which the light source ceases to function; instead LED bulbs gradually fade in performance over time, still delivering an average of 70% of initial intensity after 50,000 hours. In a situation where the light source is used for 9 hours per day, 6 days per week, all year round, this equates to over 15 years.