Sell T5 circular fluorescent tube

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Used with tri-phosphor and special prescription. Enclosed within the Tube is an inert gas and a minute droplet of low pressure mercury vapor.
Characterized with high efficiency, excellent CRI, low lumen depreciation, energy saving, flicker free, sight protect, light and handy vol.
Popular used in large size and high brightness required places, such as factories, offices, department stores and so forth.
Geared with relative lampholder and grille light fixture

DESC Watts Lamp Volts Lamp Current Lumens
Tri-phosphor Life Base
W V MA LM H cap type
FCL22-17 22 75 360 1250 6000 G10q
FCL28-17 28 90 390 1600 6000 G10q
FCL62-17 32 110 400 1900 6000 G10q
FCL36-17 36 112 420 2250 6000 G10q
FCL40-17 40 115 430 2650 6000 G10q