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T5 Electronic Double Fluorescent Light Fixture with Cover

T5 Electronic Double Fluorescent Light Fixture with Cover
Model Rated Wattage Photosource Rated Wattage factor Lamp size??mm?? Pcs/Ctn
XG214-T5Z 2*14W T5Ascending pipe ?ݰ .95 570*71*59 15
XG221-T5Z 2*21W T5Ascending pipe ?ݰ .95 870*71*59 15
XG228-T5Z 2*28W T5Ascending pipe ?ݰ .95 1170*71*59 15
XG235-T5Z 2*35W T5Ascending pipe ?ݰ .95 1470*71*59 15

Performance characteristic:

1 The lamp body uses imports coldly grips the steel plate, themechanical strength high, firm is not easy to distort.

2 The surface uses spurts models craft processing, guards against therust corrosion preventing performance compared to painting processingwell, is not easier to wear.

3 Uses European and the T5 Rated Wattage factor electron ballast, theperformance is superior.

4 The electric wire and so on partially uses anti- burns thematerial, the fire prevention safely has the safeguard.

5 May in the 180V-240V voltage the normal use.
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