Sell T8 LED Tube, Leading Low Attenuation LED with Efficiency of More Than 95%

T8 LED Tube, Leading Low Attenuation LED with Efficiency of More Than 95% You May Also Be Interested In: eye protection led tube t8 led t8 led tube t8 tube

1. Stability, 2. High Efficient, 3. Energy-saving, 4. long life, 5. Environmental Protection

ey Specifications/Special Features:
 Efficient: LED series tube using efficient LED lamps constant drive circuit, the transform efficiency of more than 95%
 Stability: 185 to 245V AC input without on-and-off, transient response, without delay, without damage to the frequent switching
 Energy-saving: the overall lighting efficiency reaches 85LM/W light efficiency, much superior to optical characteristics under the same luminous intensity, out-put lighting of 15W is equal to that of 40W traditional incandescent, 66% power-saving
 Life: LED tube leading low attenuation LED, the service life of the ordinary fluorescent of more than 10 times, maintenance-free; without the need to preserve
 Management fees, better suited for the occasion difficult to replace
 Environmental protection: do not contain mercury and other harmful materials, non-UV, no stroboscopic light, eye protection, eye fatigue is not easy, no noise, to ensure that the use of it have comfort and security
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
50,000 pcs per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
10 days
Minimum Order Quantity
50 pcs
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