Sell T8 to T5 converter kit

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Product future
1. High-efficient light power conversion, save 35%-50% power than T8 lamp.
2. 10-20% higher brightness than T8 lamp.
3. Starting voltage is as low as 160V. The worked voltage scope is 160-245v.
It works even with insufficient voltage or in freezing place.
4. Power factor is over 0.99, low harmonic wave and low wave peak ratio can extend lamp longevity effectively.
5. Color temperature is 6400k, good color-rendering, closer to natural light.
6. High frequency, low frequency flicker, so light pollution is eliminated and eyes are protected.
7. Easy conversion on traditional T8 magnetic lamp for energy saving, no professional staff is required.
8. Patented design of nice and easy plug-in structure; no need to change the existing lamp and circuit. It should take less than 2 minutes to convert a lamp.
9. Lower heat emission so fire prevention is enhanced and air-conditioning power cost is lowered.
10. Its longevity is longer than 10,000 hours; the lamp's longevity is longer than 6,800 hours.