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Taihuo Granule----WSJ-B device partner This product is made of gen-seng, roots of kudzu vine, Job's-tears kernel, corn farina. Usage and Dosage: Twice everyday, one parcel 30 minutes before breakfast and supper. (please note the Morning and Evening parcel) Specification: 3g/parcel Instructions: Take one parcel of Taihuo Granule, mixed with 100cc hot water 30 minutes before breakfast and supper. Instructions for using Taihuo Granule Operation Instruction of WSJ-B Spin Magnetic DM Treatment Apparatus A) According to the theory of Chinese traditional medicine you need to take Taihuo Granule health-care food while you are taking treatment by the apparatus (two times per day before breakfast 30 minutes take the Morning parcel, before dinner 30 minutes take the Evening parcel. Patients who take chemical drugs for diabetics need to stop their regular intake. Test blood sugar every 5 days, when it reduces to 5 mmoi/L (normal level) , the Jin-Yu health-care food intake should be then reduced by 1/3 for each of them, and gradually the intakes need to be reduced to nil when only apparatus is used for further treatment. B) For those who take insulin injection if they take Taihuo health-care food as an additional treatment they need to reduce their injection by 1/3 when the treatment starts. And then gradually reduce insulin injection to nil along with the decreasing of blood sugar level. After insulin injection being stopped, reduce each of the Taihuo health-care food by 1/3 if the blood sugar still remains at normal level. Test blood sugar before and after meal every 5 days. In the event the blood sugar remains at normal level constantly the health-care food intake can be reduced to nil. Use the apparatus as the only mean for treatment. C) Please note the following before the treatment starts: In the first five treatments, after apparatus works in strong intention for 15 minutes, Detector B, C and D/D must be switched to weaker function. From the sixth treatment, switch the apparatus to the weaker function after 20 minutes.
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