Sell TBC350 infrared cutting machine

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Designed and made in accordance with international standard, TBC350 is characterized in the following:
I. The machine is equipped with imported precise line guide and hydraulic locking apparatus so that it can work highly precisely.
II. The machine can be operated more intuitionally and correctly with an infrared orientation system.
III. The machine can be operated much more easily by using an imported Japanese OMRON interface. The width and time to cut can be set automatically.
IV. The machine is equipped with a PCC computer control system and a super reliable hydraulic system.
V. The worktable can be adjusted. The maximum angle rotating vertically is 85 degrees by a hydraulic system, which can effectively ensure the safety and stability of the stone. The table can also be horizontally rotated at any angle between 0 and 360 degrees. It is oriented and hydraulically locked automatically.
VI. The sliding part is equipped with auto oiling and lubricating system.
VII. Caution light is installed for safety.