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The TC underground metal detector Art. No.008
The Series of TC Underground Metal Detectors

probe into the technique, several techniques get the national patent. The TC series product acquires the industry new product all flowers prize and science and technology progress prizes.
The TC, the TM series metals locator has the depth of probe into big, the resolution is high, the function is well-found, the fixed position is accurate, and have a ground of equilibrium system. Other metals locator while probe into is affect by the geologic strata structure to send out the false signal easily, the product of our company have advancedly equilibrium system, can expel the interference of the mud signal of the ground, choose a signal of metals target only, thus the ability is accurate to search the metals product of the underground without any error. Among them the TM series product, adopt the big power blast-off, automatic follow the system, is the appropriation type is super deep locator, be applicable to the geologic strata specially deep the department probes into the homework.
The TC, the TM series metals locator is so called" explore the ironware", " explore the treasure machine". Used for extensively:The safety check, public security official bust, the scrap metal recovery, the metals piping, circuit that explore the mineral, study of ancient relics, examine the metals foreign body in the raw material and check the underground, can find out to conceal the underground accurately of discard the copper iron, reinforcing bar, pipe line. . . etc. any metals product and gold and silver treasure things.
The TC, the TM series product adoption voice report to the police and the appearance manifestation, probe into the depth to follow to is explore metals of area, shape, weights all have the very big relation, generally speaking, the area is more big, the quantity is more many, correspond of probe into the depth also more big; Whereas, the area is more small, the quantity is more little, correspond of probe into the depth also more small.
TC, the TM series metals locator, is a kind of handheld instrument, can take along with. Each part of instrument sells the conjunction with the card, need not hour can chase the whole machine decomposition, since the convenience take again the convenience keep. Use similar to engineer corp explore the thunder; Keep to hold the handle, let ground of stretch forward the dynasty swept on the ground, if the underground covers up the metals, the instrument sends out the sound then, the electricity also shows.
The TC, the TM series metals locator can probe into to the whole metalses, such as gold, silver, iron and the tin  . . . etc. , but to overlay at these metalses on of mud, porcelain and ceramics, rock, plastics, cement, timber etc. the materials can wear deeply.
Main use and the application situation:
( A) The for use by the military explores the thunder, the row thunder
( Two) The maritime customs check and safe check
( Three) Public security official the criminal police section busts to search
( Four) Look for the underground scrap metal
( Five) Examine the raw material, fuel, metals foreign body in the food
( Six) Check the mail and go to wrap the medium metals dangerous goods
( Seven) Study of ancient relics, discover to bury metals cultural object and gold and silver treasure things in underground
( Eight) Check the underground piping, electric wire, electric cable. Is the building, construction, running water repair, provides to change the electricity, city to change to set up etc. homework in essential to have of tool
( Nine) Explore the mineral, can explore various metals mineral, and to the mineral of the some and high personal status, is more valid to the natural gold bullion particularly

1, a balance:The geologic strata is to be constitute by the mud and various mineral of, these materials also can make the instrument take place the signal, this phenomenon is called" the mineral turns the reaction". Serious district in " the mineral turns the reaction", other metals locators would be disorderly everywhere to ring, calling the person can not distinguish whether underground is real or not to cover up the metals. The TC, the TM series product has a ground of balance to regulate the system, after tune up, the instrument chooses the signal of the metals target only, expeling the influence of the other material to make instrument have better wear deeply ability and accuracy.

2, identify: This function not only can probe into the metals, but also can peg out to cover up in the underground different type metals. Some places cover up a lot of iron miscellaneous articles or objectses. Use this file can expel the nail, a cover, wire. . . etc. but explore the worthy metals of gold, silver, copper, aluminum. . . etc. .
Our company provides the good product toward large customer, and provide the superior quality service, the product is free to protect to fix two years, and the fee provides the gearing and adjusts to try, consult with for the customer, a dragon of etc. of the technique training service.

The MODEL is biggest to probe into the depth( M) lord to flap the frequency( KHZ) The signal frequency( HZ) Power supply( DC) Weight( Kg) Function
TC-90 1.5 460.18 1s 2 450 1s 10 DC9V(5 number batteries)1.9 A balance identify
TC-91 2.0 455 433 DC6V(3 number batteries) 3.4 A balance identify
TM-89 2.5 6.99 437 DC12V( one number battery)3.5 A balance identify
TM-88 3.5 6.99 437 4.5 grounds of balances of DC12V, DC6V( one number,3 number batteries) identify

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