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* System Composition:
TD-928 nurse call system is composed by Nurse Station, Control Box, Patient Unit, Emergency Call Button, Alarm Light, Display Panel, connected by 2core electric wire, patient unit may be installed onto or embedded into the Bed Head Unit.
* Main Features:
1. 60 LED indicating lights being installed on the front side of the nurse stations, it may show different call numbers simultaneously, also installed 2bit high luminance LED tube with function of showing call numbers orderly.
2. Communication between nurse station and patient unit is clear and without any cacophony.
3. Easy to change numbers, patient unit apply Microchip (USA) s PIC series 8bits chips for programming, when changing numbers only need to alter the programming chips.
4. Compact and beautiful design, nurse station and patient unit shell made by imported mould and material.
* Main Functions:
1. Two way Communications: Nurse station can call patient unit, patient unit can call nurse station.
2. No converter needed when calling and receiving, communicating as easy as making phone call.
3. Both nurse station and patient unit can be reset.
4. Can be collocated with Beeper and wireless telephone.
5. 4bits high luminance LED indicator.
6. Nurse station tone set: 12 kinds of chord music, 16 degree volume adjusting.
7. When nurse station answers the first call, the second call come, nurse station can display second call number without stop answering first call.
8. VIP Call Priority: Set VIP Calls first, when several call comes together, VIP shall take priority.
9. Short circuit alarm: when short circuit comes, nurse stations display LED will show DL, together with alarming sound.
10. Emergency Call Button (optional)
11. Nurse station can connect to computer (Optional) .
* Main Parameters:
1: Working Temperature: -50~400
2: Moisture: <=80%
3: Power supply: 200~240VAC 50Hz
4: Bus working Voltage: 24V DC
5: Static Output Consumption: <15W
6: Patient unit Standby Current: <=250ua
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