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KL-139 TDS Tester

Technical Specification:

1. Measuring range:0-1999 PPm(mg/L)
2. Resolution: 1 PPm(mg/L
3. Accuracy: 12%F. S
4. Operating Temperature: 00- 500
5. Power Supply: 2W3V (CR2032 Battery)
6. Environment: Humidity: <=95%
7. Display:4-digital LCD
8. Weight:46g
9. Dimension:150mmW27mmW20mm

Pocket sized and feather-weight for portable use in a large number of applications including Production and drinking of pure water, Cleanness of swimming pool water, Food processing, Hospitals and medical products, Aquatic cultivation, Boiler water, Households and offices, Aquarium water, Teaching of physics and chemistry, Electroplating water, Cooling towers, Laboratories, Ionized water and water quality testing etc.

KL-139A/B TDS Tester

Technical Specification:
Model KL-139A KL-139B
Measuring range 0~1999PPm(mg/L)
Accuracy 12℅ F7S
Resolution 1PPm(mg/L)
Display 4-digital LCD
Environment Humidity:<=95℅
Automatic Temperature Compensation 00~500
Power Supply 4W1.5V(AG13)
Dimensions 165W26W26(mm3) 60W55W23(mm3)
Weight 63g 60g