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Synergy : Bringing the total Tea experience

Synergy Enterprises derives its core competency, not just through a focus on TEA, but a complete Bush to Brand expertise at one single point. In this competency we try to offer and match the best possible in three key areas viz. sourcing, blending, packaging, and providing relevant insights on Brand development to the extent transferable from working experience with a category leader like Lipton.

The key endeavour in this mission is to ensure that our partners gain from the depth of this expertise, involving every aspect of TEA.

What do we offer?

The keynote of 17 years of experience in the Beverages industry is a total integration and insights into the complete Tea process from the Tea garden to finally its culmination as a Brand on retail shelves fighting for market share.

This is aimed at providing our partners a competitive advantage to start with, in an otherwise tough and often difficult to penetrate product category.

Tea Blending

The span of our expertise starts from hands-on experience in the Tea gardens, not just understanding the process of production but the intricacies of taste and flavour in black tea leaves, which influence the final tea blend.

This experience in necessary to reconfirm the often quoted line
The best Marketing starts with a good product.

The same applies to Tea but is complicated manifold by the product being influenced by skills which till today remain highly subjective and a matter of personal judgement. It is for this reason that getting the right mix of product in key attributes like taste, strength and aroma is often referred to as  the fine art of tea blending.

We provide the ultimate experience having worked within the exacting standards of Unilever Arabia where quality and conformity to standards has sanctity, few can match.


The best of blending skills have to be supported with knowledge of what to source from where. With our base in Dubai, we have access to teas the world over, experience of picking special teas for their specific traits as well as functional knowledge of the timing i. e. when to buy, price and seasonality for the most optimum and cost effective tea buying.

Our location in Dubai also offers us complete flexibility, which puts us at a distinct advantage than if tea was bought direct from producer countries like India or Sri Lanka. They have mainly access to their own teas and are often unfamiliar with attributes of teas from other origins like Kenya or Malawi and how they could influence their blends to gain consumer preference.


Synergys capabilities on the technical aspects, production and outsourcing, remain in step with the latest developments in the field of packaging and production due to a crucial impact of food grade packaging on a product like Tea and Teabags. The Teabag machine offers the state of the art flow thro teabags for quickest possible infusion time well abreast with the latest the technology in this field.

This is in line with our objective to give the best possible starting advantage to our clients and associates.

Transfer of expertise of markets elsewhere

In working with Unilever, while insights in strategy relate to how a category leader can maintain leadership, there are also ample lessons of how smaller rivals or start- ups can gain useful breakthroughs and market share gains by outthinking their bigger rivals.

The experience gained while working with established brands offered us learnings of how to create and sustain a competitive advantage which can be successfully transferred to start up brands without their having to go through expensive trial and error process which could often results in the demise of the new brand and wastage of substantial resources.

It is this acumen and total expertise relating to TEA, which cannot be replicated at any single point but Synergy Enterprises.

We are sure you see reason enough to give us an opportunity by providing you with our products and services, to contribute in further increasing your business profits.

Thanks & Regards.
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