Sell TFJ-1100 Batch Pre-expander(EPS machine)

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1. PLC with touch button fluorescence screen, auto screw raw material feed electronic weight, auto temperature control and photo-electric control the level of the raw material in feed barrel etc.
2. The auto feed and auto weight rise production efficiency, ensure correct feed.
3. Sealed feed barrel has constant pressure for foam, has high heat efficiency so save steam over 50% vs. continuous foamer.
4. Foam barrel temperature is controlled through advanced proportional valve and advance guide valve, so constant temperature, pressure and material uniform are ensure.
5. Photo-electric controls the material level so has correct volume weight and ensures uniform pearl ball density. Error less than 3%.
6. Matched with sulphurate dry machine, it can good process from sulphurate dry, auto sizing, ball smash and auto transfer to treated material bin.
7. The elecric appliances, pneumatic components, and valves of the machine are all well-known brand, to ensure the operational stability and reliability and service life of machine.
8. The computer has the memory function. Which could record all information such as brands, specifications, expanding foam techniques and parameters of EPS material manufacturers. When used materials of one manufacturer is needed, just press the touch screen of computer to quickly go back to the original technique.
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