Sell TFJ Electrical Enclosures

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TFJ Electrical Enclosures
These electrical enclosures, which are made up of electrolyzed cold-rolled steel sheet, are suitable for housing a DIN rail, circuit board or mounting plate. Optional conductive gasket for RFI/EMC protection. Accessories include: wall mounting kit, hinges, mounting plate and security screws. The surface plated with epoxy resin coating is beautiful and durable. There is seamed rubber gasket on the door in order to protect from the dust and rainwater. On the upside and downside of the box body, there is equipped with knockout holes seamed with the cover. Inside of the box, there is mounted motherboard with electrical equipment. The motion of the door is more than 120 degree and is flexible for turn.
Boxes are completed with:
-Mounting Plate.
-Gland plate and gasket.