Sell TFZ1000-2000 Series Automatic Vacuum Foamed Plastics Moulder

TFZ1000-2000 Series Automatic Vacuum Foamed Plastics Moulder You May Also Be Interested In: pneumatic cylinders
1. The series moulders are controlled by programmable controller with touch button panel. It performs advanced technology and working process in domestic. It can produce foam products that hard to be moulded, hard to demould and high water content.
2. It consists of high pressure feed unit so the raw material has high energy to be jetted in through 25-36 auto guns at once feed.
3. It has vacuum system to speed up mould process, shorten cool time and reduce water content in product.
4. At top has two pneumatic cylinders. So it works stable, uniform and no bumping defect.
5. Hydraulic system has differential speed up device to rise the feed rod feeding speed, at about 200mm/s, so save energy over 40%.
6. All units of it are reputable brand product made in domestic or abroad. It is reliable, stable quality, long life use and low products cost.
Note:It is divided into A type, mechanical demould unit. B type:double pneumatic cylinders demould unit. C type:The double cylinder type drawing of patterns goes against installs.