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TG IPMUX-1/2 is a family of TDMoIP gateways. The series enable the transport of tranditional E1 TDM traffic over IP-based networks (Ethernet, IP, MPLS) . The product facilitates a wide range of applications, including simple end-to-end circuit extension over IP and delivery of a variety of legacy services over packet-switched networks (PSN) . The IPMUX series of TDMoIP gateways takes data streams from the TDM ports and converts them to IP packets for transmission over the PSN.
TDM over IP takes advantage of the IP infrastructure to help carriers deliver high revenue leased line E1services. TDMoIP is also ideal for the enterprise looking to reduce network expenses without compromising features of their existing PBX and TDM equipment. This approach maximizes investment protection by running all TDM traffic - irrespective of protocols or signaling - transparently over Ethernet/MPLS/IP networks

l TDMoIP gateway enables E1 extension over IP networks
l Preserve investment in legacy devices
l Supports synchronous TDM-based services over IP and Ethernet networks
l Multiplexes up to 2 E1 circuits
l Supports CAS signaling and is totally transparent to all signaling protocols running over E1
l Extends either framed (full or fractional) or unframed E1 circuits
l 10/100BaseT uplink to the network
l QoS support
l Low processing delay (under 2 msec)
l Enables synchronous clock distribution across IP-based networks
l Minimal jitter and wander
l Allow low-cost deployment with quick installation
l Hot-swappable modules, with expansion flexibility of 1 to 2 E1
l Menu-based configuration setting
l Support dynamic software system upgrade. Automatic backup for older version software
l Support remote configuration through telnet dial-in
l Support remote and local loop testing
l End-to-end alarm generation and end-to-end AIS indication
l Support E1 physical layer alarms (LOS, AIS, LOF, LCV)