Sell TH-206H  T&H Multi-spot hypothesis dispenser

TH-206H  T&H Multi-spot hypothesis dispenser You May Also Be Interested In: hypothesis lcd display screen

Appling Scope
For needs to select the more different quantity deposit on the sole work piece the product to suppose

Key Features
1. The digital dispenser has three modes of operation(manual, timed and cycling) , the dosing time and cycle time and air pressure information all listing on the LCD display screen

2. Have 30 different deposit data programs may be stored in the dispensing memory.
3. English and Chinese can choose.
4. Have vacuum suck-back can ensures no dripping

5. The foot pedal /ring switch and Induction Switches can choose

Display screen: 144W32144W32 LCD
STW GRAY LOD Dispensing
windows 60.44W13.4 mm
Multi-spot setting: 1-30pcs of different size deposit

Pressure (suctions) display: LCD listing(free place is psi, four place is kg/cm2) unite can be converted

Tolerance: 10.5%
Time display: LCD (four)
Dispensing time: 0.001S-9.999S, 0.01S-99.99S
Cycles (interval) time: 0.1S-9.9S
Air Input: 7KgF/cm2 without lubrication dry air

Air Output: 0.17KgF/cm2

Precision: 0.00005S
Min deposit: 0.001ml

Standards: CE approved
Brand Name
TH dispensing
Supply Capacity
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
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