Sell THIF402 Anti-spatter agent for medal welding

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THIF402 Anti-spatter agent for medal welding

Product description:
.latest environmental protection product
.which is nontoxic, no contaminated and damaging to ozonosphere
.preventing spatter adhering to the surface of metal

Property index
Appearance Achromatous transparent water-based fluid
Ph Neutral
Relative density 1.016g/cm*cm*cm
Boil point 104 degrees
Freezing point -10 degrees
Solubility Dissolve in water and ethanol
Anti-spatter effect 99%

Adapting to arc welding and carbon dioxide protection welding, Ideal for use on the area to welding carbon steel and stainless steel, allowing easy removal of welding spatter.

Spaying this product on section where is easy to adhere spatter before welding . it can prevent spatter adhering the surface of workpieces or allow easy removal of welding spatter.
It is easy to use and free of shoveling and abrading procedures after welding. Meanwhile it reduces intensity of work, improve the condition of labor and enhance the quality of welding products.

25kg/pail, 200kg/pail