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Product Name: THIOUREA
Appearance: Colorless borneol flakes, column aspect and needle flakes crystal . Specs:
Content: 99%min
Moisture: 0.40% Max
Ash content: 0.10% Max
Insoluble matter: 0.02% Max
Sulfocyan: 0.02% Max
Melting point: 1710 Min
Uses: pharmaceutical raw material, intermediate for drugs and synthesizing of sulfathiazole, bleaching agent in textile dyeing and printing, auxiliary of dyeing and anti-oxidant. It can be used as rubber accelerator, floating agent, rust-eaten agent of metal, developer and mix color agent in the field of photo material. It is also used in resin compression molding powder, cold wave, electroplating blueprinting, boiler washing and peroxide thiourea manufacture etc.
Packing: In 25kg plastic woven bags.
Tariff Code: 2930 9090
Payment Terms: L/C at sight
Lead Time: 15 DAYS
Monthly Capacity: 3000MT
Offer Validity: 1 month
Content: 20MT in 1 TEU
Country of Origin: China
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