Sell THIX-258 Defoamer

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THIX-258 High Performance Antifoam Special for pharmaceutical fermentation

Description: it is a kind of combined defoamer, which is made by our specialists, by using our specific measure and mixing many kinds of intermediates such as silicon, aether, ester and alcohol. It has excellent defoaming and controlling performance. And enduring high temperature, high efficiency with less quantity, easily dissolving with bean oil, nontoxic, no cauterization, no harm to zymolysis and system stability. It quite adapts to defoam bubbles during the course of the ferment, especially for the penicillin.

Main trait:
Easily dissolving with bean oil;
Super stability even in high temperature;
Excellent performance to defoam and control bubble;
No impact to System stability with small dosage, and nontoxic, no cauterization.
Application: pharmaceutical ferment, especially for the penicillin.

Properties indexes:
Appearance Liquid of translucency, hoar color, a little mucilaginous.
Odor Slightly special odor
Solubility Random dissolving with bean oil
Enduring temperature No change between 130oc and 150oc
Foam inhibition time 1.5 seconds
Hydronium type Non hydronium
Ph 6-7
Centrifugal stability (3000r/min x 30min) no stratification
1) Mixing the thix-258 defoamer and the bean oil with some proportion according to the producing medium condition;
2) Killing the bacteria for 30 minutes under the temperature 130oc to 150oc;
3) Adding specified thix-258 defoamer to the medium.
Package, storage and transport:
1) Packed in plastic barrels, 50kg/barrel, 200kg/barrel;
2) Be cautious of loading and unloading. it can be carried as nontoxic goods. it should be handled slightly and carefully, and can not be inversion, can not be shaked or bumped acutely, keep away from strong sunshine or rain.
3) It should be stored under the room temperature. Its period of validity is one year under the specified conditions of storage and transport