Sell TIG tungsten electrodes for welding

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Scope of business development, manufacturing and sale of Tungsten Electrodes( WT, WC, WL, WZ, W )
Annual turnover:50 tons with a projected increase of 10%/a in the coming years according to for the coming orders.

Our products are exported to South-east Asia, Europ, America and Japan.

Our company is adopting in the standards for production and operation with an up-to date business concept and management.

Emphasis is laid on quality standards . we follow the international standard ISO6848.

ISO9001:2000 examination and certification is being processed by the intaudting company RWTUEV Essen.

As a manufacturer, particularly, on the tungsten electrodes field, we have advanced production acquaintance and expertise.

We are sure to be able to meet you requirements with our technology and our high-quality products.

YHTMC , at present , produces predominantly tungsten electrodes containing addition agents of thorium oxide, Zirconia, Lanthanum oxide and other rare metal oxides.

Main prodcuts :
1. Tungsten Electrode with all specifications according to the clients' needs.

2. Tungsten Bar

3. tungsten Rod

4. Molybdenum Products

We would be delighted to become the trading partner for your procurement of our products presented to you hereinafter.
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