Sell TIG welding machine

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Main characteristics:
1. Microprocessor control, Inverter IGBT, Single-phase
2. Portable, Stable welding, High efficiency, Low power consumption, arc force, hot start, anti-sticking, easy
3. Starting arc, due to high open voltage, thermostatic
4. Overvoltage, overcurrent protection
5. Direct current (DC) for high frequency TIG welding, usable
6. Electrodes: stainless steel, aluminium , titanium, copper
7. nickel, magnesium and their alloys
AC Input Voltage 230V/50HZ
Fuse 12A
Max. Power Consumption 2.7KW
Efficiency 85%
Max. Output No-load Voltage 65V
Work Current Adjustable Range 5 130A
Current At 60% 75A
Insulation Class H
Protection Degree IP 21
The machines Formal Size 440 X 180 X 330 MM
The machines Weight 9.5 KGS
Condition of Goods
Model Number
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