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BA0101 is of anastase grade Titanium Dioxide with a high purity and fine even particles , it has a very
good optical property , high refraction index , high chromaticity , very good color shielding power,
low oil absorption , and its water dispersibility is excellent, It has a high opacity power ,
because of its blue undertone paint made of this titanium is brightly colored , }it is highly recommended for paints and coatings when whiteness is of prime importance .

Names of specifications
Content of TiO2 , no less than % 98
Color(compared with standard) No lower than
Color disppearing rate(compared with standard) , no less than % 100
Evaporation rate at 1050(when tested) , no more than % 0.5
When treated at 23 1 20 and when relative dampness is 5015, %, after pre-treating for 24h and when evaporation rete at 1050 is %, no more than 0.5
Water dissolved matter, %, no more than 0.5
Water floating liquid PH value 6.0-8.0
Oil absorption, g, no more than 26
455m Screen matter, %, no more than 0.1
Electrical resistance rate when absorbed by water, (Ohms)m, no less than 1.6W10

BA01-01 is recommended for:
1- Paints, and Coating , emulsion interior Paints, Enamels
2- Road-Marking Paints
3- Filler , Primers, and undercoat
4- Paper Industry
5- Plastic Industry
6- Rubber Industry
7- Cement Industry.

25 Kg PP bag /Multi-wall Paper Bags.

Also supply other grades of Anatase Titanium Dioxide A101, B101(for paint) , B101(for rubber and plastic) etc. The interested buyers can contact us for more details.