Sell TJ-980 Crochet Machine

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TJ-980 model crochet is a high speed fancy yarn crochet machine. The machine first knits cloth with warp and weft yarn , then cuts the warp yarn to form the final yarn . It can also knit warp and weft yarn the straightly kit belt yarn.
TJ-980 model crochet machine is suitable to knit various kind of yarns, both natural fibers and synthetic fiber. The characteristic of the patter yarn is the core yarn knitted into rings and the weft one used as its mattress. The finished yarn will be of flat shape.

TJ-980 model high speed fancy yarn crochet machine controls the device by changing inlay methods to produce all kinds of various pattern yarns. The techical parameters are below:
1) Operation Width: 30inches
2) Gauge needles per inch: 15,18,20
3) Weft Needle Plates: 2 sets
4) Stitch Density: 5-20 s/cm
5) Link Chain: 12-50 sections
6) Main Shaft Speed: Max 1500r/min
7) The Perimeter of Rack Frame: 170cm
8) Whole Machine Power: 1.56kw
9) NO of Yarn Bobbin: 520 pieces
10) Gaugo of Yarn Spindle: 200mm

Minimum Order Quantity
1 sets