Sell TJ YAG-504C 3D Laser Subsurface Engraving Machine

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To meet the requirement of international industrial market, our company develops TJ YAG-504C laser Subsurface engraving machine which accords with the CE standard of EU. That model possesses
The functions and virtues of the TJ YAG-504 model, with 8 laser heads, thin dots. green laser, it can
Engrave the same graphics inside 8 workpieces at the same time, which facilitates large quantities
Of highly accurate production of crystal craftworks. This model makes a great improvement on laser safety precautions, and according to the CE standard.

Laser Medium: Nd:YAG
Laser Wavelength:532nm
Highest Frequency of laser power supply:100Hz
Power of servo motors:3*200w
Maximum Engraving Range:280mm*280mm*90mm
Engraving speed:3000-5000dots/min
Power of laser power supply:2KW
Laser head number: 8
Continous woking time:12hrs
Working current of the whole machine:20A
Deadweight of main machine:260kg
Dimension of main machine:980mm*860mm*1200mm