Sell TJ YAG-505B 3D Portrait Laser Subsurface Engraving Machine

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TJ YAG-505B 3D portrait laser subsurface engraving system consists of YAG-505B laser subsurface engraving machine and 3D camera. TJ YAG-505B laser subsurface engraving machine obtains the following characteristics: first, take a 3D photo of one or more persons with a 3D camera and process it in computer to form 3D portraits; second, utilizing laser focusing technology, it can engrave 3D everlasting portrait inside crystals. With the development of material life, people pay more attention to the pursuance of spiritual individuality. Therefore, with a broad market, the 3D subsurface engraved portraits are becoming more and more popular.

Specifications & materials
 engrave 2D or 3D picture in transparent materials
Item Parameter
Laser Medium Nd: YAG
Laser Wavelength 532nm
Laser Frequency 200Hz
Maximum Engraving Range 280X280mmX90mm
Maximum Engraving Speed 6000-10000dots/min
Continuous Working Time 12hrs
Maximum Power of the Whole Machine 4 KW
Number of Laser Heads 1 OR 2 OR 3
Weight of the Whole Machine 230 kg
Dimension of the Whole Machine 750mmW775mmW1310mm
Water Medium Deionized water or pure water
Cooling Medium R407C
Terms of Sale
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