Sell TJ YAG-505B 3D portrait laser subsurface engraving system

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TJ YAG-505B 3D portrait laser subsurface engraving system consists of YAG-505B laser subsurface engraving machine and 3D camera. TJ YAG-505B laser subsurface engraving machine obtains the following characteristics: first, take a 3D photo of one or more persons with a 3D camera and process it in computer to form 3D portraits; second, utilizing laser focusing technology, it can engrave 3D everlasting portraits inside big crystals. With the development of material life, people pay more attention to the pursuance of spiritual individuality. Therefore, with a broad market, the 3D subsurface engraved portraits are becoming more and more popular.
Mega 3D camera is the latest innovation in 3D digitizing technology. It is renowned for the following characteristics: high-resolution mega-pixel, high capture speed, large field, portability, easy to operate, etc.
1. Product main technical index
Laser Medium Nd: YAG
Laser Wavelength 532nm
Highest Frequency of Laser Power Supply 200Hz
Power of Servo Motors 3W200W
Maximum Engraving Range 280mmW280mmW90mm
Engraving Speed 8000~12000dots/min
Power of Laser Power Supply 3 KW
Laser Head Number 1 to 3
Continuous Working Time 12 hrs
Working Current of the Whole Machine 20 A
Deadweight of Main Machine 230 kg
Dimension of Main Machine 750mmW775mmW1310mm
2. Technical index of circulating water cooler
Cooling Power 3 KW
Cooling Medium R407C
Water Medium deionized water or pure water
Water Supply Pressure 0.18 Mpa
Consumed Power < 2KW
Weight 150kg
Dimension 650mmW650mmW875mm
3. Technical index of 3D camera
Item 3D Camera A 3D Camera B
People Captured 1 to 2 1 to 4
Field(mm) 655X490 895X715
Resolution(mm) 1 0.7
Ref. Distance (mm) 1100 1100
Texture (pixels) 0.3M 1.3M
Acquisition. Time (sec) 0.4 0.7