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TJ2 Series Brake
TJ2 Series Brake , Brake, brakes, electromagnetic brakes
General introdution
TJ2 Series Brake is a contracting brake of normally off style operated by the AC electromagnet, which can be widely uesd in the machine of lifting and transportation to hold out the object's speed and etc.
TJ2 Series Brake is mainly made of the frame, brake boot, adjust rod, spring, base and etc. The axle pins connect the frame with brake boot. Also the axle pins connect the frame with base. One side of frame there can be installed with the electromagnet, and the main spring is installed on the top of the frame; in order to improve the friction coefficient of between the brake boot and surface of the braking wheel, we install the replaceable asbestos brake band.
When the electromagnet is cut off by electricity, the brake compresses spring to keep the braking; and when electricity is electrified, the declutch will takes place and the machine will work.
To choose small brake and reduce the installation position, TJ2 Series Brake should be installed on the high speed transmission shaft or motor shaft because of the samllest moment. When choosing the brake, the basic parameter is brake moment, which is proportional to the braking time, so we decide and calculate the brake moment and the brake moment is not big to meet the requirement of work.
To make the brake work in the samller brake moment, we can change the reduction length of main spring by adjusting nut to get the required spring and brake moment. The data as table3 is a reference for you.
After installed with brake wheel, the brake will be installed on the machine. The brake wheel will be in the state of balance between dynamic force and static force. The surface roughness is less than 6, the hardness is less than HB-28.
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