Sell TKT-Dipped tantalum capacitor

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Brief Introduction:
TKT series sinter-anode, epoxy-coated solid electrolyte tantalum capacitors are encapsulated with flame
Retardantyellow epoxy powder, marked with laser. TKT Series meets and exceeds the requirements of IEC
Specification 384-15-3, IECQ Specification QC300201/US003 and Technical Specification
SJ/T10856-96, used In military and civil applications such as TV sets, camcorders,
computers , Program-controlled electronic telephone switching systems, telephones, instruments and meters.
OPERATING TEMPERATURE -550 to +1250; >850 with rated voltage derating.
RATED VOLTAGE from 3V to 50 V
DC LEAKAGE AT 200 10 _0.01CRVR or 0.55A (Whichever is greater) .
DISSIPATION FACTOR AT 200 Please See Table 3
CAPACITANCE TOLERANCE 120%; 110%; 15%; (for special order)