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Function instruction The product is provided with double-motor six-mode shiatsu, double-motor six-mode massage, airbag four-mode pressing, heating wire heating three kinds of temperature fomenting function and timed operation of 5, 10 and 15 minutes automatic timing. Through the pushbuttons, the four items of knead, heating, massage and shiatsu can function separately, and through the automatic button, automatic control flow can be realized (combination of the four items) . Working principle By adopting far infrared heating and microcomputer chip control technology, through fomenting, vibration and kneading etc. effects to the eyes, the eye massage device can help to add oxygen and dredge channels and collaterals on eyes, enhance the regulation ability of lens, restore the flexibility of ciliary muscles, improve the blood circulation of eyes, smooth visual tension and eye fatigue, release visual disturbance, promote metabolism and maintain health of eyesight. Characteristics 7 Fashionably designed eye mask and main engine. 7Five functions: knead, heating, magnet treatment , shiatsu , massage. 7 Adopting computer technology to produce vibration, massage and air pressure etc. different modes. 7 The magnetic knots will help to improve the blood circulation around the eyes and enhance the massage effect. 7 Simple indication and convenient operation of pushbuttons.
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