Sell TM-E Series Semi-Automatic Flute-laminating Machine

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We brought advanced technology from aboard to research and complete the next generation Semi-Automatic Card pasting machine. lt puts machine, Electricity, photics, hydraulic pressure all the main technologies together, it is a pioneering machine in local domestic market. Traditionally, similar old style machines need to be operated by 2employees, this new generation machine only need one operator per unit. Due to superimposed integration hydraulic pressure system has been put in, all rollers pressures have been automatically adjusted to enjoy the best starus mode during production, so it will save glue, reduce running costs, and improve precision of pasting, making all pasted pieces join tightly, strong, smooth, and dry instantly, which could be put into next process directly, This model is an ideal machine to produce all kinds of high quality packing boxs, it is a new innovation of advanced packing machine equip-ment in the packing industry.