Sell TM Mode Specialty Monitor

TM Mode Specialty Monitor
Adopt digital control circuit ; possesses dynamic black electricity level stretch and image clarity hoist , so that the gradation of the image would become more distinct.
It possesses nuclear reduce noise circuit and it decreases the noise spot of the image , and then the image would become clear .
Adopt anti-interference metal shell, and it can prevent disturb from the outside world.
TM-2100C/HP possesses 100 Hz progressive high-resolution 1250 lines scan , the image is especially stable and dosent have flash phenomenon .
Digital comb filter circuit with warrants , the best available Y/C separation , elimination the phenomenon that chromaticity signal and brightness signal disturbs mutually ; including an enhanced digital color circuit , and we can get the more realistic color ; the plane right angle guards against the dizzy teletronpicture tubes which used horizontal rectangular, the distance comes to 0.24mm.
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