Sell TMTD(Rubber chemical)

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Product Name: rubber accelerator TMTD

Chemical Name: Tetramethyl-thiuram-Disulfide

Molecular Weight: 240.41

Specification: HG/T2334-1992

ITEM Grade I Grade II
Appearance White, light grayish powder or granule
Initial melting point 142.00min. 140.00min.
Heating loss 0.30% max. 0.40% max.
Ash 0.40% max. 0.50% max.
Residue on 0.150 mm sieve 0.0% max. 0.1% max.

Property: No odour and nontoxic, but stimulative to the skin and the respiratory tract. (Specific gravity: 1.29) . Soluble in chlorlfom, acetone, methylene chloride, benzene. Not easily soluble in carbon tetrachloride, ethyl alcohol, ethyl acetate; insoluble in water and gasoline.

Application: Super accelerator with a higher critical temperature, suitable for natural and synthetic rubber, and also can be used as vulcanizator. In primary utilized for tires, rubber footwear, cable, as well as transparent, white and coloured rubber products.

Packaging: 25kg net in a woven bag lined with polyethylene.

Storage: Keep container tightly closed in a dry, well-ventilated place. The storage life is recommended not to exceed 2 years under normal conditions.
Supply Capacity
100 Tons Per Month