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We can supply you with Tomato Paste as below:

Caned tomato paste, brix 28/30,

a, 70gx100pcs/ctn , 2300ctns/fcl, FOB 8.8/ctn

b, 198gx48 pcs/ctn , 1700ctns/fcl, FOB 9.6/ctn

c, 400gx24 pcs/ctn , 1700ctns/fcl, FOB 8.8/ctn

d, 850gx12 pcs/ctn , 1700ctns/fcl, FOB 8.7/ctn

e, 3000gx6 pcs/ctn , 980ctns/fcl, FOB 13.0/ctn

f, 4.5gx6 pcs/ctn , 980ctns/fcl, FOB 19.2/ctn

Remarks: validity: within one week from now on, and price subject to our final confirmation.

Reply urgently with purchase order to proceed.