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Product Name: TOP2048 Universal USB Programmer
Part No. : EP007
Net Weight: 3.5KG

The TOP2048 programmer has very compact size, the power loss is quite low and is very reliable, specially design for micro-controller programming and many type of EPROMs. TOP2005 uses USB to communicate with notebook or desktop computer, it does not need the external power supply and the transmission speed is high. It is very easy to carry out with notebook computer.


--Support 2.5~6.5V device;
--Using USB for power source, does not need the external power supply;
--Transmission speed 12MHz/s via USB.
--With current protection function, effectively protects the programmer and devices.
--USB load testing (0 to 10 levels) ;
--Device's connection inspection, inspect every pins' connection of the device;
--40 pins self-lock sockets;
--Working with WINDOWS98SE/ME/2000/XP;
--plastic cabinet, small size and weight light;
--the programming speed has nothing to do with the computer's CPU speed;
--Can self-detecting the device's manufacturer's name and parts number.


Using TopWin, the speed is:
28F320 writing+correction: 104 seconds
29LF320 writing+correction: 112 seconds
F89c58 writing+correction: 5 seconds

Support more than 1700+ devices from AMD, CATALYST, FUJITSU, HITAVHI, ST, MICROCHIP, NEC, NS, OKI, SONY, TI, TOSHIBA, WLSI, AMIC, ATMEL, INTEL and so on.

The whole package includes:

1) Software: TopWin (for windows98se/2000/m3/xp) ;
2) User's manual in English;
3) USB cable;
4) New Top2048 programmer;
5) One free PLCC32 adaptor;
6) One free SDP-UNIV-44 adaptor;

Size: 142 x 103 x 23 mm
weights: 350g
Power: < 2.5W (5V/500mA)
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