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Thermoplastic Elastomer is a diverse family of rubber-like materials that, unlike convertional vulcanized rubbers, can be processed and recycled like thermoplastics materials.
In addition to general grades, DEXXAN TPE could also tailor-make products to meet specific needs. DEXXAN TPE is a nontoxic, odorless and enquiromental friendly performance material. The hardness is usually ranged from Shore 0 to D.60. It could be appeared as opaque, translucent or transparent in nature color. DEXXAN TPE also produces some special grades with excellent weatherability, heat and low temperature resistance . Some special DEXXAN TPEgrades could also bond to other plastics such as PP, PC ABS, PP and even PA for many soft-touch applications.

Applications:The toy, knapsack foundation, shoes contents, bath mat, cup pad, shock-proof underlay, refrigerating box.
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