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Tire Pressure Monitoring System
--System overview
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPM or TPMS) is a warning system to monitor tire pressure and indicate to the driver when a tire is significantly underinflated so as to prevent unsafe conditions. There are two ways to get information about the tire pressure, implemented by wheel-speed based systems or pressure-sensor based systems. The former infers tire pressure by monitoring wheel speed from ABS wheel-speed sensor, which cant work when more than one tire is underinflated or when vehicle speed is over 100 km/h. The latter can directly measure tire pressure with an imbedded electronic device, a pressure sensor powered by Li/SOCl2, sending signals via RF transmitter to the indicator in drivers cabin, which is quicker to provide underinflation, leaking, hazardous hi-pressure or hi-temperature warnings, and has more consistent warning thresholds. Both TPM sensors must be adjusted after mounting.
--System Components
The TPM system consists of the following major components
1. Remote Tire Pressure Monitoring (RTPM)
(1) SOC detecting pressure, temperature, acceleration, voltage, signal process ASIC
(2) MCU 4-8 bits: ARM7 LPC2292
(3) RF transmitter: GE NPXII Sensor Chips
(4) Power management: Li/SO battery
(5) Antenna
(6) Pressure vessel
2. LCD Indicator (Information centre)
>Case material: Hi-strength ABS
>Environment: -400~+1250
>RF: 433MHz
>RF receiver: 4 or 8 tires pressure monitoring
>Battery life: 2 years or 100,000 miles.
>LCD Indicator: integrated with automobile information center
>Outside dimensions of TPM sensor, it is sensing range, and indicator can be customized made.
--Key benefits
>>Compensates for battery conditions and alarm when battery is used up
>>Supports vehicle platforms ranging from 4 tires small cars to 8 tires trucks and across tire technologies
>>Monitors individual tires, detecting changes in pressure and performance
>>Offers the possibility to couple with a remote keyless entry system for a low-cost total solution
>>Offers the small size and enhanced media protection of the SSOP package
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