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PMT-3020TPO is a waterproof sheet, consisting of thermoplastic polyolefin compound resin materials as the base stock, reinforced with fiber backing materials. There have two kinds of thickness: 1.2mm and 1.5mm.

Where to use
 Various roofing waterproof projects, such as industrial and civil buildings, public constructions;
 Full adhered system for concrete substrate or mechanically attached systems.

 Weather resistance and durability;
 Excellent weld ability;
 No any crisp agents to prevent materials brittleness;
 Intermediate enhanced polyester mesh fabric to have high tensile strength, fatigue resistance and penetrating resistance suitable for mechanically attached roofing systems;
 Excellent the same high and low temperature resistance as rubber materials which can keep flexible at -500 C and keep mechanical strength in high temperature;
 Excellent chemical resistance to acids, bases, and restaurant exhaust emissions;
 Dimension stability;
 White-based light-color and smooth surface with high reflection, energy saving and anti-dust functions;
 Use heat welding for the seam areas to form a reliable seamless waterproof layer.