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TPU Elastic Tape
1 Composition: 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastic Tape
2 Features
A) Soft, thin, supple and light weight with necessary stretch power;
B) High elasticity and durability;
C) Proven to have good resistance against Perspiration, Urine, Oil, Water, Sea water, Cosmetics, General solvent, etc;
D) Non-allergic, completely safe for human body; no content of any injurious substances such as Formalin, Sulfur, Lead, Arsenic etc; non-toxic, decomposable and recyclable;
E) Available in various specifications width between 3mm and 30mm, thickness between 0.08mm and 0.30mm;
3. Main applications: trimming for underwear, infant wear, lingerie brassieres, swimwear, sportswear and other elasticity material use for garments. The following are the typical models we can produce, we can also produce special models, but special models mean higher price and longer lead time: