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Product Name: TRL Pipeline High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier

High shear dispersing emulsifier effectively, quickly and evenly disperse a phase or phases to another consecutive phase, usually, these phases are dissolvable to each other. The rotor revolves quickly and strong force is produced through high tangent speed and high frequency mechanical effect, therefore, the material in the narrow slotamong stator and rotor receives strong force from mechanical and liquid shearing, centrifugal force, pressing, liquid fraction, clashing, tearing and rush water. The dissolvable solid, liquid and gas material then instantly dispersed and emulsified evenly and finely with better production procedures and appropriate addictive and finally products with stable high quality are made.


Mass production suitable for continuous production of industrial assembly line
Small diameter range, and highly even
Time saving, high efficient and energy saving
Low noise, stable operation
Reduce quality difference between lots
Material is fully dispersed and sheared
Deliver in short distance with low lift
Easy operation, convenient maintenance
Automatic control
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