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TRSB series lightning arrester let the exciter absorb and stockpile the energy from the nature electric field . reflector and lightning arrester have a good electrical continuity to the ground . They are gotten off to isopotential state . Between exciter and reflector , there is electric field strength . Before the lightning strike , electric field strength will be mightiness in a rapid time . The potential difference between exciter and reflector is approximately equivalent to the electric potential between thundercloud and ground . The voltage has an accretion , causes the cusp strike fire , and has lonization in the air around the cuspof lightning arrester . Then , the villtage comes into being a cusp discharge phenomenon . Then , the voltage comes into being a cusp discharge phenomenon. The electric field between ingather pole in the middle and exciter is mightiness in a rapid time , causes the ionization in the air around the cusp of lightning arrester , and discharges in a little and exact time . Because of a mass of hydronium is existence . the active predischarge lightning arrester reduces the corona effect , and brings a discharge routeway . It can quickly volley and release the lightning to the ground in security.
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