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TORSAN AUTOMOTIVE is manufacturer and exporter of trucks' and buses' spare parts for Volvo, Daf, Scania, Man, Mercedes, Ikarus, and Iveco. We manufacture flywheel housings, oil cooler caps, oil cooler heads, oil sumps, compressor housings, intake manifolds, intercooler pipes, oil cooler housings, gear box housings, and block water caps. We are the owner of "TRS" brand. We have started export other Turkish manufacturers' products upon the requests that we received from our customers. We export crankshafts, camshafts, flywheels, ring gears, bearings, pistons, forged pistons, liners, engine gaskets, con rods, engine valves, valve guides, valve seat rings, oil pumps, water pumps, rubber mountings, engine mountings, crown wheel pinions, cylinder heads, valve seat rings, brake adjusters, fans and blades, compressor parts, transmission parts, clutch facings, shock absorbers, body/cabin parts. . . etc. We export to Germany, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Iran, South Africa, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Poland, Greece. . . etc. Our export is constantly increasing.

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