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TS-4000HCI compression board is a professional digital security product, which adopts the most
advanced H.264 video compression algorithm and OGGVORBIS audio compression technology.
TS-4000HCI board uses fully optimized algorithm based on DSP technology to implement video & audio
real-time coding, active video & audio preview and motion detection, etc. Video image is directly
transmitted from board to display frame buffer and compressed stream data is also directly sent to hosts
memory. The whole transmit doesnt need any intervention of host computer processor, saving resources
of host computers processor greatly. One Personal computer can support up to 64 channels video and
audio input, parameters of each channel can be set independently and will not affect each other.
TS-4000HCI compression board supports windows 2000/XP/2003 and Linux operating system at present.
We provide application software for these cards.

 H.264 Hardware Compression Technology
 Synchronized Live Video & Audio Recording
 2 Way Voice Communications
 Multiple Workstations for Remote viewing Supported
 Time Line Search
 Time & Date Stamping On Video Playback And Video Backup
 Support most PTZ Controller Worldwide

DSP Model TI DM642
PCI Standard PCI 2.2, PCI-X

Video Input 4/8/16 Channel, BNC, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω
Video Standards PAL (625Line, 50f/s) , NTSC (525Line, 60f/s)
Video Compression H.264
Video Resolution Format NTSC PAL
D1(4CIF) 704 X 480 704 X 576
2CIF 704 X 240 704 X 288
CIF 352 X 240 352 X 288
QCIF 176 X 120 176 X 144
Video Recording PAL 1f/s-25f/s, NTSC 1f/s-30f/s;
Video Display Split Full and multiple screen display, 1 / 4 / 8 / 9 / 16/25/32/64
Image Quality 1~6 level(Level 6 is the best)
Motion Detection Zones: 192 (16*12) detection zones
Sensitivity: 1~6 (level 6 is highest)
Privacy Masking Self-defined four-sided zones for privacy masking for
each camera
Camera Adjustment Adjust color according to different time period

Audio Input 4/8/16 channel, BNC, 200-2800mV, 30KΩ
Audio Compression OGGVORBIS

Hard Disk
Space Occupation Audio : 14.4MB/H Video : 56~400MB/H
HDD Management Hard disk hibernation technology, HDD faulty alarm, I/O
error alarm

Record & Playback
Recording Mode Manual, continuous, video detection (including motion
detection, camera blank, video loss) , Alarm
Recording Priority Manual >Alarm >Video Detection >Continuous.
Recording Interval 1 to 120 minutes(default:60 minutes)
Search Mode Time/Date, Alarm, Motion Detection & exact search
( accurate to second)
Playback Play, pause, stop, rewind, fast play, slow play, next file,
previous file, next camera, previous camera, full screen,
repeat, shuffle.
Digital Zoom Selected zone can zoom into full screen during playback

Network Functions TCP/IP, DHCP, DDNS, PPPOE, E-mail, FTP
Remote operation Monitor, PTZ control, playback, system setting, file
download, log information

Operating System Windows 2000/2003/XP, LINUX
CPU Intel Series
Mother Board Based on Intel 845/865/915/925/945 Chipset
Memory 256MB or above
Working Temperature 00-+550
Working Humidity 10%-90%
Atmosphere Pressure 86kpa-106kpa
Model: TS-4004HCI; TS-4008HCI; TS-4016HCI
Brand Name
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