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Loyal Body Guard ---TTR Anti-robbery Electronic Briefcase is specially designed for the property security when you are outdoors.
With the development of social economy, the factors leading to social instability is increasing correspondingly, especially when waiting for the ship or bus, or walking in the street. Steal and robbery become common crime in developing regions. Therefore, particular technology is needed to improve the safety of your property. Here, there is the newest product from TTR S&C Park, TTR electronic anti-theft bag, with the functions of anti-robbery, anti-loss and anti-theft coming out.
Composition and Important Note:
TTR electronic anti-robbery bag includes two parts, remote controller and receiver inside the bag.
1. When you use it, please turn on remote controller at first, making indicator LED on.
2. Then switch on the receiver in the bag and keep its LED on also.
Warning: If you reverse the operation process, the bag will give warning voice and high voltage shock. (Note: electronic shock is high voltage with low current, which intends to shock robbers without harm to health of human being)
Usage Direction:
1. Keep remote controller always with you. Then the bag will give warning voice and high voltage if it is away from you more than 5 meters no matter it is missed, stolen or robed.
2. The LED on remote controller and receiver indicates working status and battery level. If LED is not on or shows weak light, please recharge your battery. Plug charger in related socket and red LED will be on during the course of recharge. After 1 or 2 hours, recharge process is finished when red and green LED in charger light together.
3. Once miss action of warning happens, put down bag immediately to avoid electronic shock and check remote controller carefully to remove warning status.
4. As to car driver, two remote controllers are recommended. One can be put with driver while the other is set inside car so that the bag will be safe even it is left in car alone.
5. TTR anti-robbery bag should be damp-proof considering electronic components inside.
6. People with hypertension or heart disease are not allowed to use such product.
7. High-energy Lithium batteries are used inside warning bag which last 70 hours continuous operation after recharge. The batteries can be cycle used for 500 times recharge, assuring over ten years working duration of TTR electronic anti-robbery bag.